Considerations when taking out a logbook loan

Financial stability is a luxury that a few of us can afford. Let’s face it. We don’t have billions of cash stashed somewhere that we can always resort to when an emergency happens. At times, we need a loan when something happens and we don’t have sufficient funds on our hands. The logical thing to do when a person is in need of a loan is to go for a bank loan. Unfortunately, we all know that having a poor credit rating means our chances of getting approved are minimum. The next best alternative is to go for bad credit loans such as logbook loans.

This is a secured type of loan where the collateral is a person’s own car. It doesn’t take into consideration a person’s credit score and this explains why it has become very popular in the UK. That said, what are the considerations when applying for a logbook loan?

Reputation of the logbook loan lender

Owing to the many UK lenders purporting to offer logbook loans, it is essential that you take into consideration the reputation of a logbook loan lender. Find out how honest they are, how they treat their customers, whether their logbook loan services are above board and so on and so forth. The benefits of doing business with a reputable lender is better services, best business practices not to mention honesty and ethical conduct.


Is the logbook loan lender you are about to do business with properly licensed? Do they follow the set industry standards? This is one way of differentiating between a legit logbook loan lender and a phony one out to swindle you.

Customer service

No doubt, you don’t want doing business with a logbook loan lender whose customer services are poor. You don’t want to deal with unprofessional customer personnel that are arrogant and disrespectful. Find out how professional customer personnel are, how they resolve issues, how respectful they are and so on and so forth.


Are the logbook loans on offer affordable? Considering how expensive logbook loans are, it’s essential that you read reviews, make comparisons and make an informed choice. Endeavour to do business that offer competitive interest rates. By so doing, you will cushion yourself from repaying high amounts of money.