About us

Started with the aim of offering cheap and affordable logbook loans to bad credit individuals in the UK, Roof Loans continues to be the benchmark when it comes to logbook loan provisions. Our strength lies in the fact that we are an honest logbook lender keen on meeting and even exceeding the expectations of our customers. We understand that getting access to credit facilities is a tall order for individuals with a poor credit rating and that is why we never discriminate on our customers based on their credit score status.

We are always looking for ways of according our customers better logbook loan services and this explains why our customer personnel are always going for refresher courses in the hope of giving our customers nothing short of the best customer service. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time applying for logbook loans or whether you have been applying for the same for a while. We promise you affordable logbook loans, top notch financial advice and faster approval of all applications.

Feel free to try our logbook loan products today and we can assure you of the best services.