Does the thought of applying for a loan make you feel dejected and resigned to fate? Have all your efforts to get approved for a loan hit a brick wall simply because your credit rating in poor? Are you between a rock and hard place because you urgently need a loan but the state of your credit score your biggest undoing? Well, if you are, you need to relax and be hopeful as not all hope is lost. The introduction of logbook loans in the UK market has been a game changer of sorts as men and women from any part of the UK with a poor credit rating can now apply and get approved for a logbook loan their credit score status notwithstanding.

At Roof Loans, we pride ourselves in being the logbook loan lender of choice to thousands of UK citizens reeling from bad credit and in need of cash urgently. Since inception, we have remained true to our vocation and in the process have been able to assist thousands of individuals get access to affordable logbook loans. Our aim is to accord our customers affordable logbook loans within the shortest time possible. We believe that every single person irrespective of the credit score status is entitled to cash as and when they need it as a loan.

That is why, at Roof Loans, credit checks are an alien concept to us or rather they do not carry any weight when we make determination as to whether a person is qualified for a loan or not. If you are thinking of applying for a logbook loan for the first time, you are probably wondering why you should consider us. For one, we are a professional logbook loan lender with a proven track record. Over the years, we have been steadfast in assisting thousands of bad credit UK individuals get access to fast and affordable logbook loans.

We understand that not everyone is conversant with logbook loans and as such, in attempt to shield our customers from misinformation and myths about logbook loans, we endeavour to educate and inform them about logbook loans prior to them applying to a logbook loan. We strongly believe that the success of our customers directly informs our own success and that is why we have been at the forefront of ensuring that our customers not only make informed decisions but also prudent financial decisions.

We advise against borrowing more than one requires and always advocate for borrowing the amount of money one is in need of and one which they can comfortably repay. Over the years, we have seen customers get into a cycle of debt due to poor financial decision making and this is something that spells doom even for us. Our logbook loans are not only affordable but also approved within the shortest time possible as you will see right here.

We uphold best business practices and therefore you can be rest assured that in us you will find a reliable partner. Provided that you have a car that is in good condition that can be used as collateral, we are always open to assist you in your time of need. Our logbook loan requirements are pretty simple and one of our customer personnel’s is always at your beck and call in case you need any clarification regarding the products we offer.

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If you need cash like yesterday because of an emergency that just cropped up, feel free to approach Roof Loans for an affordable logbook loan. We promise to process your application within a couple of hours provided that you meet all the basic requirements!